Tote Bag VOLKSWAGEN T1 BUS…..too late…..sold out.





This Tote Bag VOLKSWAGEN T1 BUS was a one piece only. Unique in its kind. If you are looking for a signature designed Tote Bag, feel free to contact BIEN THERE at

This are the Tote Bag VOLKSWAGEN T1 BUS specifics:

Suitable for shopping, holidays or beach, with plenty of room for personal belongings. Completely lined with starry fabric, with real leather light brown colored top handles.

  • Size: 40 cm. x 44 cm. x 15 cm;
  • Fabric front and back: Gobelin cotton with design of T1 BUS;
  • Fabric sides and bottom: Gobelin cotton with colourful stars;
  • Fabric inner: Gobelin cotton with colourful stars.